Welcome to my watercolor world.


First, let me say welcome to my site and my watercolor world, as I present my soul, spirit, and mind to you with the joy and beauty of watercolor.


I was born south of San Antonio, Texas, in the rural setting of a small farm, part of a family of sharecroppers—my parents, my two sisters, and me.  As a young boy I worked in the fields with my dad, and, surrounded by farm animals, the beauty of the scenes always captured my mind and spirit.  In grade school I didn’t do well in reading and writing, but my teachers would always ask me to do drawings on the blackboard with colored chalks for different holidays.  This gave me a passing grade and my teachers were lenient on my weaker subjects because of my gift to paint and draw at an early age.  My high school graduation came, and a few months later a military draft notice of the Viet Nam war.  My induction led me to a career in military and civilian life as a helicopter and jet engine mechanic, and my gift of art was put on hold for many years.  Later in life, I started painting again, using oils and acrylics until I tried watercolors, which fascinated me because of their own free-flowing characteristics.


 I am a self-taught artist.  The application techniques of watercolor I learned on my own.  They say watercolor is a very difficult medium to use, but, to me, watercolors are like a person.  You have to get to know and understand them to infer their beauty.  I am now able to devote my time to my favorite obsessions--painting, fishing, and diving.  I divide my time between my three art studios in Austin, Texas; the pine woods of East Texas; and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.


As I close, I want to say, “Thank you, Polly,” my beloved wife, who has encouraged me to go beyond my painting capabilities and create art that totally amazes me.  Our love truly gives me a heavenly fulfillment.


J Montemayor

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